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New Bristol Sessions

1927 Jubilee - The New Bristol Sessions

by 1927 Jubilee

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The Bristol Sessions are considered the “Big Bang” of modern country music. They were held in 1927 in Bristol, Tennessee by Victor Talking Machine Company company producer Ralph Peer. During the sessions from July 25th to August 5th 1927, 76 songs were recorded by 19 performers or groups. The sessions introduced America to the music of southern Appalachia and launched the careers of The Carter Family and Jimmie Rodgers.

During the 90th anniversary of the sessions Stephen Schoencker recorded new sessions in Bristol Tennessee/Virginia of local, regional, and artists with strong ties to Bristol. The new sessions resulted in over 60 performers or bands recording over 70 new original songs.

The sessions were recorded in High-Definition at 192kHz 24-bit and mixed chiefly using analog technology.


released July 30, 2018

Recorded and Mixed by Stephen Schoenecker
Mastered by Seva


all rights reserved



1927 Jubilee Bristol, Tennessee

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Track Name: Tuatha Dea - Get Along Home
Get Along Home

Music by Tuatha Dea

Lyrics by Danny Mullikin

Step into my parlor said the spider to the fly

Won’t you give a girl a holler before you buzz on by

There’s supper on the table and Corn Whiskey for your head

And later if you’re able take a tumble in my web

Such a pretty proposition but something just ain’t right

Better trust your intuition – Not the fire down below

It’s a sticky situation – for-sho

Better Get Along Home. Get Along Home now!

That Ol’ Sunday night revival just came rolling into town

And the Preacher Man is callin all the lost that he has found.

Say’s the Holy Ghost can save my soul and wash away my sin

But Heaven don’t come easy. Takes Some Green to get you in!

He’s a Bible thumpin Demon – Hell bent – he’s Heaven bound

That Ol’ Devil keeps a grinnin as he pass the plate around

Hallelujah – Come to Jesus – Time to lay your money down

You Better Get Along ……….. Get Along Home now!

Better Get Along Home!

Why whine and moan

When you choose the road you’re on

If you play the fool – you’ll reap what you have sown

Better Get Along – Get Along – Get Along Home!

There’s a moral to this story. There’s a lesson to be learned.

Common sense ain’t common now where common folks concerned.

The method to the madness of my philosophy…

If it’s too damn good to be true – then the truth shall set you free.

Players will be players – there ain’t nothing you can do now.

When that Ol’ Wolf – in them sheep’s clothin starts a howlin at the moon

Darlin, you can’t hit them bricks too soon.

You Better Get Along ……….. Get Along Home now!

You Better Get Along Home. Get Along Home!

You Better Get Along ……….. Get Along Home now!

You Better Get Along Home. Get Along Home!

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